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viernes, 11 de marzo de 2016

Entrevista – DANIEL SANCHEZ.

Tuvimos la oportunidad de conseguir una entrevista exclusiva con el dj internacional DANIEL SANCHEZ, dj y productor holandés que justamente visitara nuestro país esta noche en una presentación imperdible en La Buat Panama.

Este artista tiene su propio sello disquero y también promueve. Daniel comenzó creando sonidos desde los 13 años de edad, además creció en Holanda, la capital de la música electrónica mundial. Tiene una gran carrera internacional. A continuación la entrevista completa. 

1. What have you been up to since the last time you came to Panama?

It is exactly one year ago since the last time I was in Panama. It’s always a pleasure to be here. The last year has been amazing, I discovered a lot of new places.

My sound changed a bit, it became more like minimal/microhouse. But of course it still fits the dancefloor. My music is constantly evolving and I really like this development.  Check Bla Bla Music for the new sound.

2. How and where was the mix recorded?

Live at club Vertigo in Costa Rica, on the amazing soundsystem by Gary Stewart.

3. Can you tell us about your idea behind the mix?

I wanted to make it groovy minimal with some microhouse sounds inside it to try to manipulate the tracks with FX. I always work with an Allen Heath DB4 rewired trough my Ableton, so I can cut loop sounds in the mix. Most of the time there running two turntables with 2 mixes underneath it.


We are the music makers is my new concept, it’s open and free. I invite DJ’s I like at that moment. It can be all kinds of artists, we prefer people playing on vinyl. We already did 5 events, completely focussed on minimal.

5. What can fans expect from you during this Central American tour?

I want to give people that visited me before some different sounds and tracks. I never want to do the same, but my fans will always recognize my groove. I want them to come back to see me each time I visit their city.

6. What are you up to next after this tour? Any new releases?

When I’m back from touring I will be building my new studio. I’m trying to move to a new place every 3 to 4 years. That works perfect for me. It gives me new ideas and inspiration regarding the releases. Last month my new EP on Memoria Recordings came out, with an amazing Re-Up remix. Under my alias Ambient Noise Level I just released a new vinyl. This vinyl was released on my own label Be Real.

Next month there will be more. I will have my first vinyl release on Bad Barbie Records, I’m really happy with that one. Also some remixes will come out.

7. Is there anybody you would like to collaborate with or sign to your labels but couldn’t so far? Who?

Yeah, definitely Nima Gorji. We’re talking about that and are trying to find a way to make this possible.

8. Can you describe your creative process? How is a day in the studio with Daniel Sanchez?

Lots of coffee. And most important: listening to different kinds of music to feel the structure. That’s where my inspiration comes from.

9. So this is your third time in Panama, do you feel excited about being back in the tropic?

I love it here, and the people from La Buat are such nice people, I’m happy to be a part of the family and they invite me each year! Big up for family Simons for believing in this sound.

10. What did you felt playing the first time for the local crowd and what has changed? Do you  remember what that was like?

I was 14 I think , only vinyl because in that time there was no digital or computer DJ-ing. It was different , you had to do what you had to do, there was no way around, it worked or it did not work. I focused on pitching the record right and mixing them perfectly, I think this period was the most important for me as a DJ. It helps me a lot and makes the difference now, for people that started DJ-ing with syncing and never pitched a record it feels weird to play vinyl. I’m happy I started in that way.

11. What do you find to be the biggest challenge in regards to connecting with the latin crowd, but pushing the genre/music/scene forward?

We're nerds and music lovers, we always think forward. Of course we have to see how it all will go, but my feelings say that we are in the beginning and it will be much bigger and better. Viva la musica electronica where everything is possible. It connects people all over the world.

12. Any final words for the electronic music fans watching this interview?
An important studio tool that works for me is working with a lot of people when you start making music. Also when it’s not your style, you will learn a lot of how other people build their tracks. Everybody makes music in a different way. In the end it will help you a lot.

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